DoorDash & Uber Appeal Process

If your products have not being returned after a failed delivery, we can submit an appeal within 24 hours of the event on your store's behalf.

Information needed:​

  1. Description of the event: Was there an issue with the driver? Were the products not returned to the store? Was it a different issue? Any and all information you can provide will help us to draft the correct appeal to Postmates. The more information, the better!
  2. Delivery ID or Order Number: The delivery ID can be found within the Activity Log of the order itself. This is how the delivery service identifies which order to look into and the driver associated with it. 

Send this information to our team using the "Need help with this order" link on the full order page of the delivery that was not successful.
We will submit the information to the appropriate delivery service.  If your appeal is granted, the refund will show up on the next months invoice. Appeals can take up to two weeks to process, so once you submit yours hang tight and we’ll provide you with any updates.