Integrating Onfleet

Integrating Onfleet

Onfleet is a third-party delivery integration offered by City Hive. The integration will allow you to utilize your own drivers to deliver orders in a seamless, scalable way. As your driver leaves the store and approaches the delivery location, your customer will receive real-time updates on their order, cutting down on order status calls and emails.

You will be billed monthly for each order that is passed to the Onfleet dashboard. The cost of each order is 20 cents.

What are the benefits of Onfleet?
  1. Send real-time text updates to customers based on the location of their order
  2. Optimize routes for your delivery drivers
  3. Quickly auto-assign tasks to your delivery drivers
  4. Obtain multiple forms of order verification including ID scans

How does Onfleet work?
When accepting a delivery order, select “Deliver with Onfleet”. Once the order is accepted, it will be reflected in your Onfleet dashboard to assign to the next available driver.

Where can I learn how to use the Onfleet dashboard?
Click here to view the Onfleet demo video.

Additional Resources:
  1. Onfleet Help Guides
  2. Drivers & Dispatchers
  3. Auto Assignment
  4. Task Assignment
  5. Training and Webinars

How does my store enable Onfleet?
  1. Email and leave the rest to us. We’ll let you know when your integration is ready to go!

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