Digital Gift Cards

Offering gift cards can increase sales for your business as customers can purchase them for themselves or as gifts for others.

Topics covered in this article:

There is no integration between digital gift cards and the POS however, if you would like to support the redemption of gift cards purchased online in store, you can follow these steps.

Setup Digital Gift Cards

  1. Begin on the Gift Card page under the Order section of your dashboard
  2. Click the “Create Gift Card” button at the top right of your screen to create a new gift card offering Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.06.10 PM
  3. Choose to offer a fixed price or custom gift card amount
    Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.13.14 PM
    1. Fixed Price: Typically offered for $10, $25, $50 and $100 gift card options
    2. Custom Price: The customer will get the option to choose their own amount to gift that is within range of the minimum and maximum price range configured
  4. Fill in the the Price, Tax, Credit and description of the Gift Card information
    1. Price: This is the amount the customer will pay for the gift card
    2. Tax: Typically set to $0 as the customer pays tax when placing the order for products
    3. Credit:  The amount the customer will receive as store credit to use on future orders. *Note: Price and credit can be different to support a pay $40, get $50 offering.
    4. Sample Description: This digital gift card is currently only redeemable through our app and website. For birthdays, holidays or just for the fun of it, our Gift Card is the best way to bring the perfect spirit to someone’s home. You can either send the gift to yourself or directly to your recipient’s email address. Please note that the digital gift card recipient will be required to create a customer account, including complete credit card information, even if the gift certificate covers the full amount of the order. As long as the value of the gift certificate exceeds the price of the product purchased, no charge will be made to the recipient’s credit card. Discounts do not apply to gift certificates. Unused balances of gift cards will immediately be available in the recipient’s account.
  5. To enable gift cards on your website, add a link to your top menu with the ending page slug of /buy-gift-cards. Click here for more help customizing your top menu. 

How Gift Cards Work for Customers

  1. When purchasing the digital gift card, customers will choose whether it is a gift or not under the order info
    Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.19.04 PM
  2. When selecting 'Yes, it's a gift' the following information will appear for the customer to send to a different recipientScreen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.20.33 PM
Once purchased, the recipient email address will receive the gift card code with instructions on how to redeem the digital gift card to use for future purchases. They can also use the code directly in the checkout screen of your website to use for an immediate purchase. 
Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.59.06 PM-1  Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.26.58 PM

Refund a Gift Card

Refunding a digital gift card automatically issues a credit for the purchase, deactivates the digital gift card if it has not been redeemed and claws back any funds that have not yet been used on a purchase. Like a refund, the same process is automatically taken if a chargeback is opened on the digital gift card purchase.

  1. Begin on the Gift Card page of the order section of your dashboard
  2. Scroll down and find the gift card purchase
  3. Click 'Refund' next to the gift card you'd like to deactivate


Manually Redeem a Customer's Gift Card to Use In-Store

  1. Begin by checking the Gift Card Balance under the customer's profileScreen Shot 2023-01-31 at 3.53.30 PM
    1. If the gift card was redeemed you will see the amount remaining that the customer can use on the left and the number of gift cards that have been redeemed on their account on the right.
    2. If no gift card has been redeemed, contact our support team at (917) 475-6618 or to deactivate the gift card so that you can use the full gift card amount in store.
  2. Click the pencil at the top right of the Gift Card Balance section
  3. Increase the gift card amount if the customer has not yet redeemed their gift card on their account and then decrease the gift card amount by how much they would like to  use in store

If the customer has not yet redeemed their gift card on their account it is not required to do so. However, this does help keep a record for your team in the store to reference back to in the case of any confusion in the future.