Customize Your Top Navigation Menu

Replicate your in store shopping experience online and highlight special categories by removing, renaming, or adding categories from your top navigation menu. 

**Note - If your store shows that no top menu configuration exists, please reach out to to make the updates**

Add a New Menu Option

1.  Click the grey plus sign next to the category, department, or sub-department you'd like to add your new menu option to

2.  Rename the menu option by replacing the words New Item
3.  Click the three dots to the right of the menu name and  select Change Value

4.  Insert the end of the link based on the below popular examples ( /shop/?category=kegs)
5.  Press Save at the top right of the page 

Please note: department items are not clickable (no need to add URL).
Changes do not take immediate affect. You can wait for your website to refresh within 5 minutes or include  ?ch-reset-cache after your domain to force a refresh.
After clicking save, you must refresh your dashboard before making additional changes or else new changes will not be saved. 

Basic Menu Items

You can link out both main categories (type) and subdepartments (subtype). Departments are used for organizational purposes to describe the section and can be named or left blank, but do not link.

Varietal, Style, and Category
  1. By varietal 
    1. /shop/?type=wine&varietal=cabernet+sauvignon
  2. By style
    1. /shop/?type=wine&subtype=red
    2. /shop/?type=beer&subtype=ipa
    3. /shop/?type=spirits&subtype=brandy
  3. By basic category
    1. /shop/?subtype=bitters
Tags and Keywords
  1. By tag
    1. /shop/?tags=wineofthemonth
  2. By text search in: keywordsdescription, name, tags, etc.
    1. /shop/?ch-query=cheese
  1. By country
    1. /shop/?type=wine&country=france
    2. /shop/?type=spirits&country=france
    3. /shop/?type=beer&country=france
  2. By region
    1. /shop/?type=wine&region=bordeaux
  3. By state
    1. /shop/?type=wine&state=california
    2. /shop/?type=spirits&state=california
    3. /shop/?type=beer&state=california
Other Popular Items
  1. Staff Picks /shop/?category=our_staff_picks&title=Staff+Picks
  2. Featured Products /shop/?category=featured_products&title=Featured
  3. New Arrivals /shop/?category=our_new_arrivals&title=New+Arrivals
  4. On Sale /shop/?category=our_discount&title=On+Sale
  5. Best Sellers /shop/?category=best_sellers&title=Best+Sellers
  6. Back In Stock /shop/?category=back_in_stock_items&title=Back+In+Stock
  7. Shop By Brand /shop/?container-id=6194f35920459128ccff17cd&title=Shop+By+Brand
  8. Kegs: /shop/?category=Kegs
  9. Cigars: /shop/?category=Cigars
  10. Soft Drinks: /shop/?category=soft_drinks&title=Soft+Drinks
  11. Grocery: /shop/?category=snacks_packaged_food&title=Grocery
  12. Accessories: /shop/?category=Accessories
  13. Mixers: /shop/?subtype=Mixers
  14. Mixers & Bitters: /shop/?category=mixers_bitters&title=Mixers+and+Bitters
  15. Sweet Wine: /shop/?category=wine_sweet&title=Sweet+Wine
  16. Organic Wine: /shop/?category=wine_organic&title=Organic+Wine
  17. Biodynamic Wine: /shop/?category=wine_biodynamic&title=Biodynamic+Wine
  18. Organic/Natural Wine (including biodynamic & low sulfite): /shop/?category=organic_natural_wines&title=Organic+and+Natural+Wine
  19. Cocktails/Ready to Drink: /shop/?subtype=Cocktail
  20. Non-Sale items /shop?category=non_sale&title=Non+Sale
    you can also combine it with other params like
    /shop?category=non_sale&type=wine&title=Non+Sale+Wine  non sale wine
    /shop?category=non_sale&subtype=white&title=Non-Sale+White  non sale white 
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Remove a Menu Option

1.  Click on the three dots next to the menu option  
2.  Select delete

3.  Press Save at the top right of the page

Rename a Menu Option

1.  Double click on the current menu name
2.  Replace the name with what you would like the menu option to be called
3.  Press Save at the top right of the page