Edit an Order

If you need to edit product details, add a discount, update the tip, or make any other changes regarding the order, you can do so via your merchant dashboard. Check out the video below for more details. 

Open the Order Section of Your Dashboard

Check the drop down for the order you are looking for or search by order number in the search bar. Once you find the order, click on it to get to the details.

Editing the order

Once you have clicked on the order, click on the “Full Info/Edit” button to proceed with updating the order.

After clicking on the order click the "Edit" button on the right hand side.

Add and Remove products

  • To add a product click on add product and search for the desired product. 
  • To remove a product click on the trash bin next to the product you would like to remove. 

Adding a Coupon 

Hover your mouse over the tag beside "Coupon" to see the drop down of all coupons and select the one desired.   

Add/Change Tip and Manual Discount 

To add or edit a tip just adjust the tip to the desired amount. For the manual discount just add the desired amount you would like to discount.

Add/Change Delivery Fee 

Go to "Delivery fee" and adjust the fee to the desired amount. 

Save the order

-After making all the edits to your order simply hit "Update Order" on the right hand side of the top of the page. Review the order then click the button that follows and says "Approve" to save all changes made. 

Things to know

  • After editing an order, an email is sent to the customer so make sure to not make too many edits at a time. 
  • Transaction fees are calculated based on the original order amount and cannot be adjusted. 
  • Editing an order after it has been accepted may involve additional cost as well as fees. If you need to refund a specific item here is a link to help guide you in issuing a Partial Refund or if the item would like to be swapped out you can simply add a product and delete the one that is unwanted. 
  • Since we are integrated into your POS in real time, you might come across an error when editing products that says "Item not in stock" or "Please make sure product is in stock" Please make sure all items are listed correctly in your inventory list first. If you keep coming across this error simply re-create the order by re-adding the products and save.