Order Status Definitions

Order Status Definitions

When an order has been submitted into the City Hive portal there are a few steps and key indicators letting you know if the order has been completed or not. Below are key definitions to look out for to understand what each step of the order process is: 
  1. Active: New order has been pushed through into your system and is available for review. Credit card is authorized for payment but not charged. 
  1. Accepted: The order has been reviewed and confirmed, order is ready to pickup the order or ready for delivery. 
  1. Pending: Once an order has been accepted the order moves into the "pending settlement" state. The order will then be submitted for settlement within a couple of hours of being accepted. 
  1. Scheduled: Customers can schedule an order in advance for delivery or shipping at a specific time.
  1. Fulfilled: When the delivery driver has left with the order or the customer has picked up their products you can select Fill which marks the order completed and it moved it out of a pending state. 
  1. Declined: Order has been refused by the store due to various reasons such as fraudulent behavior, limited product supply or customer is not available anymore to receive the order. 
  1. Refunded: If the customer no longer wants the order they can refund the orderwe will charge the refund amount to your credit card on file and issue the funds back to the customer. 
  1. Voided: The system stopped the funds from transferring banks and the pending transaction will not post on the customers account. A void takes place if the order is refunded within an hour. 
  1. Archived: If an order has been completed/declined/refunded you can archive the order on the dashboard to clean up the dashboard view. 
  1. Chargedback: Charge that is returned to a payment card after a customer successfully disputes an item on their account statement or transaction report. 
  1. Failed: This means that there are not enough funds on the customers credit card for the order to go through or that the transaction wasn't authorized by the customers bank. If that is the case they can reach out to the bank to authorize the payment and we can reprocess it on our backend. 

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to support@cityhive.net

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