This feature is available with the following subscription plans. Merchants not on one of these plans will be automatically upgraded once they have manually created an order on the City Hive dashboard.

  • Pro
  • Expert
  1. Begin on the orders page of your dashboard
  2. Click on the plus "+" button at the top right of your screen to start a new order
  3. Find the customer's information on the right side of the screen or click "Create New Customer"
  4. Click to search for the desired products and click each image to add them to the order
  5. Select or add payment details and the phone number to send automated updates about the order
  6. Choose a fulfillment method (pickup, delivery, shipping)
  7. Apply any desired coupons or store credit, and delivery tip to the order
  8. Click on the "Update Order" button to save the order and move to the approval screen
  9. Review the order details, subtotal amount, tips, taxes and fees, and click the "Approve" button to submit the order to your Merchant Dashboard
  10. "Approve" or "Decline" the order to finalize payment and notify the customer that the order is ready for pickup or out for delivery