Block an Account from Ordering

Block an Account from Ordering

Prevent customers from ordering on your app & website in rare cases where you believe they could be using fraudulent information, have mistreated your staff, or are unable to drink responsibly. Once an account has been blacklisted, the customer will no longer be able to use the same email or phone number for an account.
Please note: If a customer files a chargeback on our system they will be automatically black listed across the City Hive network of stores. 

How to Blacklist a Customer

  1. Go to the customer's page 
    1. You can get to the customer's page by either searching their name on the customer tab or by clicking the open button next to the customer information on the order page (see image below).  
  2. Toggle the blacklist option on to say enabled

If part of a chain, you will want to do this from your multi store so the customer is blacklisted from each location.

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