Fulfill an Order

There is nothing better than getting a new order. Your customers need you, and it's time for you to step in and fulfill their requests. To fulfill an order please follow the steps below



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Review the order to protect against fraud 

Suspicious orders are flagged with a red shield next to the order status. To review the suspicious activity, click on the order and select the dropdown next to the yellow triangle. This will help you make an informed decision on whether to proceed with order fulfillment or decline the transaction due to fraud 
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Any chargeback results in a $15 fee from our processor

Most suspicious reasons for fraud include:
  1. Mismatch of account & credit card names
  2. Inconsistent email address (Ex: Customer Name is John Doe and their email is Kevin1234@anemailaddress.com)
  3. Different states for delivery & billing zip codes
  4. Items with resale value (Moet Chandon, Don Julio, Hennessey, etc)

If you're not sure, check that the last four digits on the credit card used matches the name on the purchaser's drivers license when you deliver the order or the order is picked up. If you believe the order is fraudulent, decline the order in your merchant dashboard and require the customer come in store to process as a card present transaction 

Ensure products are in stock

Before approving the order, pull the products from the floor to ensure you have everything in stock. It is important to do this before accepting the order because when you do so, the payment starts transferring from the customers bank to yours. 

If you do not have all products in stock, click the following link to edit orders

Accept the Order 

Once clicked, your customer is notified via SMS that their order is ready for pickup or will arrive via delivery within the time frame setup for their zone. You can customize the text message your customer receives here 

Process in your POS

In order to deplete the inventory and account for your sales in your POS, process the order in your POS system as if the customer was in the store. To do this you'll need to create an additional tender option so that when you finalize the transaction you can account it towards either "City Hive" or "Online Order"

Fulfill the Order

When the delivery driver has left with the order or the customer has picked up their products, click fill to move the order out of it's pending state  Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 4.33.01 PM

If the customer no longer wants the order, click the following link to refund the order