Refund an Order

If a customer never received an item or full order, you can provide them with a partial or full refund through the dashboard.

This feature is available with all subscription plans: 
  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert

Popular uses: 

  • Issuing a refund to a customer who did not receive their products
  • Using the refund feature as a way to effectively 'cancel' an order as long as no goods left the store
  • Offering a partial refund to a customer in cases where all the ordered items are unavailable

How to Refund

 If the customer requests a refund, we will charge the refund amount to the card on file and issue the funds back to the customer. We do this because we are not able to withdraw funds directly from their account, we are only able to deposit, which will hit the account. 


To refund an order is simple. Just click the “Refund” button on the right side of the order page and proceed with the following steps. If the order has not been approved you can decline the order so the customer will not be charged.


Voided Transactions

While a refund is being issued, it can appear as a full refund or as a voided transaction. If the refund takes place within the hour the order was submitted it may appear as a void. If that happens, the system stops the funds from transferring and the transaction will not appear on the customers account. In addition voided transactions will not be subject to any transactional fees. 

Partial Refunds

 If a partial refund is required click on the "Edit" button on the right hand side of the order page.
-After doing so simply delete the product by clicking on the trash bin.
- If there is more than one of the products that you would like to refund, simply change the quantity of the product to the correct amount.
- After adjusting the quantities or removing the product from the order click on "Update Order" on the right hand side and approve. 
Even if the order has been accepted or fulfilled you may still be able to proceed with a partial refund.  For any other questions or concerns regarding this matter, contact us at  .