Segment and Target Customers

Segment and Target Customers

Segmentation and targeting are powerful tools that can help you increase sales by 30% or more.

City Hive allows you to identify a target market either geographically, or by other characteristic and build a specific offer targeted only for them. Such offers are a proven way to make your customers feel special, increase conversion, grow your customer base and ultimately increase sales and ultimately 

Potential loyal customers are most likely to live or work around your block and City Hive makes it very easy for you to identify an opportunity, segment it and target it with a special and attractive offer and make these customers feel unique by adding them value.

Some of your customers are already giving a special discount to a building complex, a hospital or a university, now you can do it efficiently and effectively through your app or website and reach out to many more people.

How can you segment and target preferred customers?

Send us an email to and specify the email address & discount amount that you wish to add to the customer. Indicate how you wish to segment your customer base, we'll do the rest !

Example 1 - for corporate: (segment by email)

  1. Segment name: NYU
  2. Email address ends with:
  3. Discount amount: 15%
  4. Applies for: Still wines only 

Example 2: Building complex: (segment by address)

  1. Segment Name: 123 Sesame Street
  2. Customer lives in: 123 Sesame St., Astoria, NY, 12345
  3. Discount amount: 10%
  4. Applies for: Sparkling Wine 

Example 3 - A preferred single customer

  1. Customer name: John Malkovich
  2. Customer email address:
  3. Discount amount: 10%
  4. Applies for: All products


City Hive team

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