How to Create a Customer Group

Creating a customer group based on specific criteria enables targeted content delivery, ensuring that promotions and offerings resonate with a specific audience.

The customer group feature is available with the following subscription plans. Merchants not on one of these plans will be automatically upgraded upon creating a customer group.

  • Pro
  • Expert

Popular examples of Customer Groups include:

  • Wine Lovers
  • Tequila Fans 
  1. Begin on clicking the “customers” page under the “studio” section 
  2. Click on “Bulk Actions” at the top of the page and click “Create a Group” to create a new customer group 
  3. Create a title for your customer group to describe the group where it says “Add Group Title”
  4. Define “Customer Group” into three sections “Field”, “Operation”, and “Value”
    1. The easiest way to create a group is by selecting “tags array” in the “field” section
    2. In the “operation” section select “includes”
    3. In the “value” section add the tag that is added to the customers who you would like to be included in the customer group - for example “wine” 
    4. The customers who will be included in the group based on the areas tagged will appear in a list on the right 

  5. Click “add parameter” and repeat steps a, b, c & d to add additional definitions to make the customer group more specific 
  6. Click “save” on the top right corner to create and save your new product group