Upload a Customer List

Uploading an email list from popular platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact can save you a ton of time by eliminating the need to sync emails from multiple different sources. In addition, with our powerful inventory and events integration adding products and event details takes seconds. Follow the below steps to transfer your contacts to the City Hive dashboard. We also have the ability to sync our system with your POS. If you already have a prebuilt customer list in your POS system, it's able to sync with ours to fully incorporate all your customers data into your City Hive dashboard.

➡️ Head to the Customer Section 


1. Click on the yellow people button at the top right of your screen
2.  Choose the second button from the drop down menu for  Customer Upload
3. Click on CSV located on the right side of the window
4. Drag your customer list onto the screen or click  Upload Customer File. 
5. Drag and drop the field to match the appropriate columns and click   Save