Automatically Sync Customers from Your POS

Collect customer contact info during in-store transactions to automatically send them your first purchase promotion via email or text. In addition, customers will start receiving the weekly 1-click campaigns that you're opted into.

Syncing customers automatically from your POS is available with the following subscription plans. 
  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert

Popular examples of when you should sync customers from your POS include:

  • Capturing email addresses or phone numbers to link customers with in-store transactions.
  • Granting loyalty points or benefits through an in-store loyalty program.

Please note, this feature is only available for the following Point of Sale (POS) systems:

Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) Square Com Cash
Magstar mPower (Cloud) Retail Key (by Hotel Key)
Spirits 2000 (Atlantic) WinePOS (Vision, ICS) Cloud Retailer 
Clover Korona Cloud Lightning (Computer Perfect)
Magstar Revel Shopkeep
Talech AdvEntServer (Sypram) AdvEnt
ECRS Catapult Liquor POS Osprey
PC America (Cash Register Express, CRE, Nation) POSIM Quickbooks
Retail PRO Spirits 2000 (Atlantic) The General Store
BottlePOS WinePOS (Vision, ICS)  

Don't see your POS system? Reach out to us, and we'll do our best to support it!

In-store/Customer Journey

  1. Cashier requests the phone number or email from the customer at checkout
    1. We recommend offering the customer your first purchase promotion at the register. Example: "Would you like to provide your email or phone number for a $10 off coupon on your first online purchase?"
  2. Cashier enters the phone number or email as a part of the transaction in the POS
  3. City Hive automatically syncs the customer's information to the dashboard every 15 minutes
  4. Customer receives your welcome series auto-pilot via email and/or sms

Set Up Process

  1. Begin by submitting a ticket here with the following template
    • Subject: Customer Sync from POS Request
    • Name of POS System
    • Example email or phone number of a customer that is already registered in the POS
    • Customer data that you'd like to sync to your dashboard (Examples include: Name, email, phone number, birthday, address, tag/groups)