Notification Topics

Notification Topics

Notification topics will help you define topics that will improve targeting campaigns for your customers. Your customers preferences will be more visible, for example, you can set up topics for wine lovers and beer lovers, and 

Navigate to the campaign section on your dashboard and select "Notification Topic" enter the Topic Name, Topic Description and Topic Tag. Once the information is all inputted you can save the topic.

1. Create Topics on the Merchant Dashboard 

2. Create customer group with the Topic Tags

3. Send email campaign to this group 

Customers can change their own preferences and the link will be in the email campaign footer, example of user preferences: 

Few details to note:  
  1. The topics will be sorted through A-Z (if needed to reorder, you can set up numbers on the beginning of the title)
  2. Once you set a new topic you can’t edit the tag or delete it at the moment, but you can edit the title and the description
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to
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