Upload a Single Customer

Before customers leave, make sure to upload their email address and phone number to your dashboard. This way, you can keep them informed about new products, sales, and events.

This feature is available with the following subscription plans. Merchants not on one of these plans will be automatically upgraded upon editing product information.

  • Pro
  • Expert

Popular uses: 

  1. Keeping product information current and up to date so all information is correct
  2. Adding details for the product that make it more easily recognizable (i.e. images, type, brand, etc.)
  3. Check out this article for more information about adding product details: Include General Keywords, Origin, Description & Product Details
  1. Begin on Customer section of your dashboard
  2. Click on the yellow people button at the top right of your screen
  3. Choose Customer Upload from the drop down menu
  4. Fill the customers  name, email, and/or phone number  and click  submit