Order Print Materials

Purchasing and creating print material is a great way to market your business and build credibility amongst your customers. We offer a number of different print material options, listed below and you will be able to find these options in your dashboard in the Studio Section of your dashboard under Print Material.


➡️ Head to the Studio Section

Download Material to Print In-Store

  1. Click on the image you'd like to download

  2. Right click on the image to save to your computer

  3. Open the file and print the image

Order Professional Printed Materials

Options: (Shipping Cost included in the prices below)

  1. Window Sticker, 12"x12" - $12 

  2. Business Cards, 3.6"x2" - Starting at $37 for 500

  3. Delivery Postcards, 4"x6" - Starting at $89 for 1,000

  4. Vinyl Banner, 2.5'x8', - $40

  5. Retractable Outdoor Banner 33" x 86" - $125

Ordering Process 

  1. Choose which option you'd like from the drop down menu and click on Get Offer for Prints.

  2. Once you’ve selected your prints, you have to PAY FIRST. Either upload a new credit card or use your credit card on file.

  3. Once that has been completed a ticket will be automated and sent to City Hive for us to fulfill the order.

  4. We will then create samples/proofs of your design and send them back to you for approval.

Once we have approval on the design we will submit the designs shipping and they will be shipped to you approximately 5 business days later.


Here at City Hive we have limited capability on the level of customization of print materials. If you’re seeking a more specific design that you don’t see in the Studio section, we highly recommend either using https://www.canva.com/ or https://www.vistaprint.com/. You’re able to download your store's logos and QR code from the Studio page in your City Hive dashboard to use in your customized designs.