Use Social Media

Using social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram is a great way and free way to promote your store to your customers, highlight specific products, or announce sales online.


  1.  The first way to start promoting your store is to setup a Facebook Business Page for your local store. This will allow you to setup hours, link your website, and create business posts to promote your products.
  2. After your business page is setup, you can start posting to promote products! If there's a group of products you would like to advertise we recommend first creating a product group and then copy and pasting that link into your post, or if there are individual items you would like to highlight just copy and past the individual products URL into the post. 


  1. For Instagram you'll first want to create a profile which does not have to be registered as a business (as Facebook requires).
  2.  Next you'll want to start posting high quality images and portraits of your store, products, or staff! Any images that are friendly, inviting and advertising your products.
  3.  The best way to advertise products directly in your post, is not by linking in the direct post, but to display the items in the post and in the wording redirect them to your website, which you can link in your Instagram bio to your website.