Customize Your City Hive Site

City Hive offers numerous features to help make your website pop. Find step-by-step articles on how to further customize and brand your site below!

Dashboard Customizations
  1. Promo Banners - These banners are a great way to highlight what your store has to offer, whether it be ongoing promotions, specials offers, or general store information. You can enable a number of promo banners through the dashboard or build your own using a free site like Canva and upload following the steps above.
  2. Top Menu - Customizing your navigation menu helps guide customers through your site just like the aisles in your store.
  3. Pages - Adding a page about your team or store history can help add a personal touch. This feature is also great for highlighting individual products or sale flyers.
  4. Tiles - Changing up the shop tiles on your website is a fun way to tie in your color scheme or store branding. You can create new tiles utilizing a free site like Canva as well.
  5. Colors - Update your site colors to represent your branding and differentiate your content.

Post-Integration Customizations
  1. Adding Staff Picks & Featured Products - Marking products in your inventory following these steps will fill your homepage with customer must-haves.
  2. Creating Product Groups - Utilizing product groups to highlight and add badges to products is a great way to bring attention to barrel picks, special wines, and any other product groupings you want your customers to pay extra attention to.
  3. Social Media links
We suggest getting the website started with these customizations. If you're looking on implementing a more advanced design, contact us at