Upload a Promo Banner

Promo Banners allow you to display new inventory, push old inventory, apply a coupon and more. Start driving traction to specific products by creating a banner today. We suggest using sites such as Canva to create your banners



Head To Your Marketing Dashboard

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 6.52.37 PM

Proceed with clicking "Create Promo Banner" and Add Details

  1. Is it enabled? - This acts as an "on and off" button 

  2. Set the priority - Only needed if there is more than one banner activated. The higher the number the higher the priority (0-999). (Ex: 10 is prioritized over 3)

  3. Describe this promotional banner - This is a description of the banner and does not show up on the app

  4. Add an app image - This is the image that will show up on the app/website.                                    

  5. Add a desktop image - Similar to the App, please follow the guidelines for the best looking picture
    Best Size: 

    App:  1600*530 px Horizontal, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 1MB (Facebook Cover on Canva)

    Web:  1600*400px Horizontal, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 1MB (LinkedIn Banner on Canva)

  6. Add Banner Products - This is what triggers the promo banner to show up (if the screen contains a specific rum bottle, the banner shows)

    • Ex: Name Contains Absolut to only apply Absolut bottles to the Banner

  7. Add Action - This is what action occurs when the banner is clicked

    • Ex: Display Products containing the text 'Absolut'

When using the Open URL Action, you must use the full link including https:// or http:// 

               8.   Add Time - This will ensure the banner is activated during this time


Once done click "Save" to save your promo banner! 

Banners show up automatically in the product results page as well, between the product row cards

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 7.00.50 PM


Below a sample version of the banner on the site