Images Formats - Restrictions and Recommendations

Images Formats - Restrictions and Recommendations

Website Category Tiles

Mobile view: square,  500*500 px JPG/PNG up to 1MB
Desktop view: horizontal rectangle, 1000*430 px JPG/PNG up to 1MB

App Category Tiles

Best Size: 600*757px JPG/PNG up to 1MB

Learn more about how to customize your mobile app and website categories here

Product Groups & Banners

Best Size:
App: 1600*530 px Horizontal, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 1MB (Facebook Cover on Canva)
Web: 1600*400px Horizontal, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 1MB (LinkedIn Banner on Canva)

Please make sure to use high-res images, sharp text, etc
All images are compressed on our end to make sure your app and website are loading fast

App Assets

Image Type

Width * Height (px)
File Format

Size Limit

500 KB
Push Icon
500 KB
Black & White
1 MB
500 KB
Logo on the app's home page
1.5 MB
*Safe area: 1100px*2530px
Vertical, centered
Store List Image 
Multi-store only
500 KB
*Safe area: 1024*270px
Horizontal, centered

Splash image is used for both phones and iPads/tablets
Store list images manually uploaded by the City Hive Design Team only
Safe area - should include all important content (e.g. logo or text). This will prevent content from being hidden/cutting off the device screen
          * Safe area examples:


Bottle Images

Best Size: 300*1000 px (1 bottle/can - preference is without glass/accessories/box etc.) 
Width: up to 500px
Height: up to 1000 px
Background: Transparent or solid white 
Format: PNG or JPG, up to 200KB 

Push Notifications In-App

Regular View: Horizontal 675*400 px, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 2MB 
Scrolled Zoom in View (for vertical images only): Vertical 675*788 px, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 2MB 


Best Size: 1000px * 660px horizontal, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 2MB

Wine Club

Wine club - plan image
Best Size: 800px*530px Horizontal, JPG/PNG, up to 1MB

Wine club - header image
Manually uploaded by the City Hive Design Team only
Best Size: 
App: 1000*680px Horizontal, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 1MB
Web: 1600*400px Horizontal, JPG/PNG/GIF, up to 1MB

Email Assets

Manually upload by City Hive Design Team only

Automated informative emails: 
Email Logo: 147*37 px PNG - up to 500KB 

Marketing emails:
Email Logo on Light Background + Gift print message: 1000*460px PNG transparent - up to 500KB
Email Logo on Dark Background: 1000*460px PNG transparent - up to 500KB

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