Personalize your Mobile App and Website Tiles

To customize the look and feel of your app and website, you can edit each category tile image via the dashboard. 
1. Hover over and click the image you wish to change
2. Click Remove Image to get rid of the current tile
3. Switch to upload from file and select your new category image tile
4. Click Submit to save your changes
5. Make sure to keep the title hidden if you already have the category text on the image (recommended) or toggle Show Title if your uploading an image without a title
Only tiles with inventory associated will show up to edit. Once you have the items associated to different categories, the tile will show up automatically to edit.
Website Category Tiles
Mobile view: square,  500*500 px JPG/PNG up to 1mb
Desktop view: horizontal rectangle, 1000*430 px JPG/PNG up to 1mb


App Category Tiles Best Size: 600*757px JPG/PNG up to 1mb