City Hive Billing

Overview of City Hive invoices and charges

This article provides an overview of City Hive billing processes and details where to find information with your dashboard. The Billing section is located within Settings in the Merchant Dashboard. 
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In the Billing section of the Dashboard, you can review your subscription information, upcoming charges, past invoices, previous charges, and account balance history.
Access the following sections within the dashboard for more account-specific details related to your billing: 
Account Owners can view pricing within your Merchant Dashboard here.

Billing Overview 

City Hive collects payment from our Merchant clients through transaction-based fees, immediate charges, and invoices. 
Transaction-based fees are deducted from the total order amount prior to the disbursement of funds from your sales. Transaction-based fees include credit card fees, City Hive fees, and (if applicable) insurance fees. Additional details on transaction reports are outlined here: Transaction Reports and Bank Reconciliations.


Immediate charges are charges that are charged immediately as they are incurred. These are primarily for the collection of refunds and chargebacks.  
Invoices are billed once a month and include fees such as your
  • Subscription plan base price 
  • Subscriber fees (for subscriber counts above those included with your plan)
  • Additional service fees (such as add-ons, SMS fees)
  • Delivery fees and tips for third parties 
  • Refund and chargeback collection fees (that we were not able to collect through immediate charges or were less than $10)
  • Rebates for split-coupons, discounts, refunds, or any other account adjustments
City Hive invoices are generated on a monthly basis and emailed to your users that are opted into billing emails. 

Refund collections often occur when an order is edited after approval, which may require reprocessing the transaction with the customer. When a refund or chargeback occurs, City Hive refunds the customer on behalf of our merchants and then we collect these refunded or disputed amounts through immediate charges or the invoice.

Please note, when we collect for refunds or chargebacks, we are charging you for the amount of the refund or chargeback less the fees on the order. In other words, you are charged the same amount that was disbursed to your account (except in the case of partial refunds, which are for the amount refunded).

Learn more about  refunding orders or  editing orders by clicking the links.

Payment Method

Your payment method for invoices and immediate charges is stored separately from the banking information used for disbursements. Both can be viewed and updated here.

For additional details on configuring your preferred payment method, please visit: Add or Update Payment Information. 

If for payment method, you see 'DYNAMIC [NOT SET]' or '12/2022 ****oobp'  that means that you need to add a payment method to process payments. 



To review your invoice details visit the invoice section of the dashboard here. Here, you can easily download PDFs or CSV versions of your invoices, export details of all of your invoices together, and issue payment. 


If you have multiple branches linked in one Chain account, you can view the invoices of ALL branches by visiting the invoice page from the Chain account.

You can download a report of your invoices by clicking the Bulk Actions button and selecting Export Invoices. Please note, only the invoices selected or captured in the filter will be exported. All invoices will be exported if no filters are applied and no invoices are selected. If you would like to only download a certain period use the filters by clicking the funnel on the left-hand side. 
Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 9.58.44 AM-1
Once you download the report, you can pivot to review the breakdown of invoice line items by invoice. Please reference the following definitions and recommendations for the report:
  1. Invoice Number is the Invoice ID
  2. Invoice State indicates whether the invoice is paid, pending, or failed
  3. Invoice Date indicates the date the invoice was generated
  4. Billing Period indicates the billing period covered by the invoice
  5. Payment Method indicates the payment method used on the invoice
  6. Payment Sender Name and Payment Sender ID indicate the entity paying for the invoice - for entities with multiple subscriptions across locations, you can use this value to review by location
  7. Item Description includes a description of the item on the invoice
  8. Item Type identifies the type of item on the invoice 
  9. Item Amount identifies the amount charged for the item on the invoice, including any applicable sales tax - for the pivot table, you will want to use the sum of this value 
Sample pivot set up below:
To download a PDF version of an invoice, please click the PDF icon next to the invoice on the Invoices page, or click "Print" in the top right of any invoice's individual page.

For any invoices marked as open, you can issue payment by clicking the "Pay Now" button next to the invoice and selecting your preferred payment method.  


To issue payment for multiple invoices, follow the steps below to use the Bulk Charge feature. This will result in only one charge (rather than separate charges) for multiple invoice payments.

  1. Select the invoices that you would like to pay by checking the box next to the invoice.
  2. Select Bulk Actions.
  3. Select Pay Invoices. 

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   4.   Review the selected invoices and click "Select Payment Method and Pay."

   5.   Select your preferred payment method and proceed to pay. 


Your subscription information is found here.

Your subscription information will outline when your subscription started, your next bill date, your monthly subscription price, and the current default payment method. You will see the default payment method on file that is used for your invoices.
Additionally, you can find the details of your next invoice as it accumulates throughout the month in the "Next Charge" section of this page.
Account Balance
The account balance report can be found on the Subscription page and allows you to review all of the deliveries, refunds, and chargebacks as they are processed for your account (i.e., you can review the details prior to receiving an invoice for the period).  You can also review full details of prior months.
To download the report, select the cloud next to the account balance report and input the date range that you would like to review. Our invoices run from 12AM ET on the first of the month through 12AM ET on the last day of the month (e.g., 1/1/22 12AM - 1/30/22 11:59PM).
Once you download the report, you can create a pivot table in Excel and review fees by location, item type, or invoice. For example, if you have multiple locations and want to see each charge by location and type, you would set up your pivot table as follows:
You can also use the "billed through" and "billed at" columns to help identify which balance items were billed through which of your invoices. This is helpful for reviewing multiple months at a time.


Charges reflect all charges processed on your account. For example, when you pay for refunds immediately as they occur, you will see each refund reflected as a separate charge. When you pay your monthly invoice, you will see this reflected as a separate charge.


Any amounts for less than $10 will not be charged and will instead be added to your account balance and included in your next invoice. For example, if you issue a refund for $8 then that will not be immediately charged, and will instead be included in your next invoice.

If a charge fails for a refund, chargeback, or merchant product order then the amount will be added to your account balance and included in your next invoice.
If a charge fails for an invoice, you will see it reflected up to three times, as we will automatically retry your payment method up to three times. If the charge fails once, but is successful on the second attempt, you will see this reflected as one "failed" attempt and one "charged" attempt for the same item.
If you have any questions regarding an invoice, please reach out to

Past orders for physical marketing materials, such as postcards or stickers, are reflected in the Orders section of billing.