Add or Update Payment Information

All accounts must maintain valid payment information to pay monthly invoices, process refunds, and order marketing materials. Please follow the steps below to add or update your payment information.


1. In your dashboard, head over to the Payment Info tab within Settings.

2. Select + Add new payment method
3. Add your ACH Direct Debit or Credit Card details. You can toggle between ACH and Credit Card and select the one you prefer to add. Click "Add Payment Method" to add your new payment method.  Please note, new payment methods will be considered the default payment methods for invoices and charges. See Step 4 below for details on how to update these preferences. 

Please note, updating your ACH details for your payments does  not update your banking information for disbursements from sales. To update your disbursement information, please update the details in the Disbursement Info section.

4. If you have multiple payment methods, you can choose which is used for Invoices and which is used for Immediate Charges by selecting the preferred payment method from the dropdown next to each type of charge.  Invoices cover your subscription fees, deliveries, and any additional features. Invoices are charged on a monthly basis.  Immediate Charges occur when a refund or chargeback is processed, or when you order print materials. Note:  Depending on your account preferences, you may be charged for refunds and chargebacks through your invoices, rather than immediately. You can learn more about City Hive billing here.
5. Once your payment information is updated, head over to your billing section to review any outstanding invoices and issue payment.
If you have multiple accounts, please update your payment information on each account by toggling the account in the top left of your dashboard.
If you have a chain with multiple branches, you can choose to receive one invoice for the chain (inclusive of all branches) or to receive separate invoices for each branch. If you are receiving separate invoices for each branch, you will need to add a payment method to the account for each branch.


Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.