Disbursements are sent to your bank once a business day at 6PM EST. If an order is accepted before that time then the order will be disbursed the next business day. If an order is accepted after 6PM EST, then it will be sent to your bank in 2 business days. This can get a little tricky to follow but below are the best practices on how to reconcile the statements via the city hive dashboard.

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Part 1: Download the Transaction Report

1. Click Transaction Report on the left side of your screen   
2. Choose to Get Orders By "Disbursement Date"

3. Choose the date range of the report you'd like to review
We recommend running this report weekly on Wednesday to account for the orders between Sunday to Saturday of the prior week. This allows Friday night and Saturday’s transactions to have been disbursed on Monday and deposited to your bank by Tuesday. 
4. Scroll to the bottom and click get report
5. Wait a few seconds then click download

Part 2: Total the Transactions

7. Open the CSV document using Excel or Google Sheets
8. Delete the first date range column
Here, you’ll see 3 important columns. The first is the disbursement date which is the day the funds were sent to your bank. The second is the total collected which is the total sales the customer sent you. And lastly you’ll want to pay attention to the disbursed to your account which is the total sales minus the 2.5% city hive transaction fee and the 2.9% + .30 credit card fee.
9. Create a Pivot Table from the data in a new sheet with the Row being the Disbursement Date and the Value being the Disbursed to Your Account. 
10. Confirm the total is the amount deposited to your bank on the next business day.