Transaction Reports & Bank Reconciliation


This article summarizes the order approval through bank deposit flow and how you can use the transaction report within your dashboard to reconcile bank disbursements.

MARCH 2024 UPDATE  - Reconciling Braintree and Adyen

We are in the process of adding support for multiple processors and are migrating to Adyen as our primary payment processor. During the migration, you will likely receive disbursements from both, Braintree and Adyen. To simplify the reconciliation, we highly recommend separating the disbursements.

Disbursements from Braintree will say "FUNDING" in the descriptor. Disbursements from Adyen will say "PAYOUT" or  “A -<your-account-name>” in the descriptor.

When you pull your transaction report (instructions below) from the dashboard, you can use Column D 'Transaction Processor' to differentiate between Braintree and Adyen.

Please be aware, Braintree disbursements are generally deposited 1-2 business days after the disbursement date. Adyen disbursements are currently reflecting as deposited the same date as the disbursement date (after onboarding is complete). 

Lastly, refunds processed through Braintree were separately withdrawn from your account, whereas refunds through Adyen will be deducted from your upcoming disbursement. You can filter the transaction report for refunded transactions (Column AI 'Order Status') to help with reconciling these amounts.

We are working on further enhancing the reporting around this and updating our knowledge base materials to reflect all changes. 

If you believe you are missing any disbursements, please confirm that you have completed the steps outlined here to resume disbursements. If you are still having trouble reconciling, please reach out to our team at


When an order is approved, we immediately send it for settlement to Braintree or Adyen . Transactions submitted for settlement after 6PM ET will be included in the next day's settlements. Disbursement occurs the next business day after a transaction settles and deposits are typically two business days after a transaction settles. In summary, you can expect to see funds deposited to your bank two business days after an order is approved.
You can use the transaction report to reconcile your bank disbursements to your orders. The transaction report is found in the Overview Section of your dashboard, by selecting Reports 
City Hive transaction fees, credit card fees, and insurance fees (if applicable) are deducted prior to disbursement for each transaction (i.e., for each order). You can review the details of these fees in your transaction report. The definitions of the transaction report columns are included below.

Downloading the Transaction Report

Follow the steps below to download the transaction report.
1. Click Transaction Report on the left side of your screen   
2. Choose how you would like to filter the date range. For example, if you select, Get Range By "Disbursement Date," this means that only orders  disbursed within the date range that you select will be included.
3. Choose the date range that you would like to review
We recommend waiting at least three business days after an order is accepted to review your bank deposits against the Transaction Report. E.g., You can run this report by disbursement date on Wednesday to account for the orders between Sunday and Saturday of the prior week. This allows Friday night and Saturday’s transactions to have been disbursed on Monday and deposited to your bank by Tuesday. 
4. Select "Get Report"
5. Select "Download"
If you would like to review a report for a different date range, please make sure to refresh the page prior to selecting the new date range. 

Reconciling Bank Disbursements

We recommend opening the CSV file using Excel or Google Sheets. To review your transactions against your bank disbursements, create a pivot table following the steps below:
1. Select all of the data in the spreadsheet (Ctrl+A)
2. Select Insert > Pivot Table > OK
3. Set up the pivot table to include the  Disbursement Date as a Row and the  Sum of Disbursed to Your Account as a Value, as shown below
4. Reconcile the disbursement amounts to the deposits in your bank account.  As a reminder, deposits typically occur one business day after disbursement. 

Transaction Report Details 

You can add or remove columns in the transaction report by selecting Show Report Details, under the date range. Then you can select which Customer, Price, Product, or Order Information details you would like to include in the report.
The table below provides an overview of the columns that can be included in the transaction report:



Local time the order was placed
Order ID
City Hive ID for the order
Transaction ID
ID provided by our Processor (Braintree), one order can have multiple Transaction IDs (e.g., if processing refunds)
Merchant Name
Name of the merchant that processed the order
For chains, this specifies the location that processed the order
Merchant ID
ID of merchant who processed the order
Confirmed At
Local time the order was approved
(Note: This action submits the order for settlement)
[Subtotal, Discount, Delivery Fee, Shipping Fee, Tax, Tip, Total] Price When Confirmed
This is a snapshot of the prices at time of confirmation
Sub-Total Amount
Sub-total amount of the order
[First Time, City Hive, Other] Coupon
Coupon amount if a coupon of specific type was applied
Referral Discount
Discount amount from a referral code
Split Coupon City Hive
City Hive’s portion of the split coupon
Split Coupon You
The merchant's portion of the split coupon
Coupon Name
Name of coupon
Underlying Discount Rule
These are automatic discounts of the store. This shows the price of any auto discounts that were applied
Underlying Discount Name
Name of automatic discount
Manual Discount
Price of discount that is applied through the Universal Dashboad
Discounted Subtotal
Subtotal amount less any applied discount
Store Credit Used
Amount of store credit applied to this order
Tax Amount
Amount of taxes
Tip Amount
Amount of tip
Delivery Fee
Amount of delivery fee
Shipping Fee
Amount of shipping fee
Drivers Tip
Amount applied to driver
Delivery Driver
Name of delivery driver
Delivery Service Fee
Fee from the delivery service used
Delivery Service Name
Name of delivery service used
City Hive Fee
Amount of City Hive fee for the order
Credit Card Fee
Amount of Credit Card Fee for the order
Fraud Insurance
Amount of Insurance Fee for the order
Total Amount
Total amount charge to the customer
Total Collected
Total amount to be disbursed to merchant (this amount will populate prior to disbursement, whereas "Disbursed to Your Account" will only populate after disbursement occurs)
Standing Balance
Total amount without City Hive Credit
Disbursement Date
Date the transaction was disbursed
Disbursed to your account
Final amount that was disbursed to the merchant's bank account 
City Hive Credit
Amount of city hive credit applied to the order
Disbursement Plus City Hive Credit 
Disbursement amount plus the credit earned from city hive discount credit
Number of Products
Number of products in the order
Product Barcodes
List of barcodes on this order
Product Names
List of names of products on this order
Original Product Quantity
Number of products before order edit
Original Product Subtotal
Sub-total of order before edit
Current Product Quantity
Number of products after edits
Current Product Subtotal
Sub-total of order after edit
Order Status
State the order is in (Confirmed/Declined/Refunded)
Order Type
What type of order (Shipping/Delivery/Pick Up)
Order Options
List of order options applied to this order
Customer Address
Address of customer
Customer Address District
County of customer’s address
Customer Phone Number
Phone number of customer
Customer Email
Email of customer
Customer Name
Name of customer
Tracking Number
Tracking number of shipping order
Weight x Size
Dimensions and weight of package