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Set Up Your Delivery Subscription Service

Allow customers to pre-pay a set amount for "unlimited" deliveries or shipping services

Once you have enabled Subscription Plans in your dashboard (tutorial here), it's time to configure your subscription service.

Setting up a delivery subscription service

  1. Click on the "Plans" tab, and in the upper right-hand corner, use the yellow button to create a new subscription
  2. Fill in the setup details on the new subscription page
    1. Position - If you have more than one club, choosing a position number will decide which club you would want to show first.
    2. Is Active - If you want it to be live and ready to sell on your website, check this box
    3. Cycle - This determines when the subscription renews: monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
    4. Limited Cycle Enabled - Leave this un-checked for delivery subscription services.
  3. Scroll down to fill in the subscription info
    1. Friendly Name is the title of your wine club, which your customers will see.
    2. Description is where you tell the customer what they're getting (i.e. all deliveries included for a month)
    3. Cover Image can be a generic image, in keeping with your brand
  4. Scroll down to fill in Billing and Pricing info
    1. Charge Invoices Automatically - Leave this checked. If un-checked, you will need to open the plan in your dashboard each month, and click "charge" on each of your customers' invoices.
    2. Use Subscription Day - check this box, so that your customers' subscription service will begin on the day they subscribe.
    3. Billing Day of Month - leave this as it is; when you check "Use Subscription Day" then the billing day field becomes irrelevant.
    4. Set the Display Amount and Subtotal Amount - these are typically identical and reflect the basic price of your subscription service.
    5. Set the tax amount (if applicable) by calculating your sales tax rate multiplied by the subtotal amount.
  5. Leave the last three sections blank/default
  6. Scroll to the top and click the "Submit" button to create the plan 
  7. Set up an automatic discount for all customers who enroll in this plan. Without a corresponding discount, customers who enroll wouldn't actually get their delivery/shipping fees waived at checkout! Please refer to this detailed walkthrough for more information.
  8. Promote your new subscription service within the plan page. You can send a marketing email to your entire email list, or send specific updates to your existing subscribers. Learn more about sending marketing emails here.