Subscription Plans/Wine Clubs

Subscription Plans/Wine Clubs

Subscription clubs, such as wine clubs, provide a unique opportunity for you to showcase exclusive offerings of special and/or new items to your customers. Clubs provide an opportunity for customers to subscribe to recurring purchases and increases customer interaction with your store. 

How to set up your plan

Begin by clicking on the Subscriptions tab: 

After clicking on the page you will see an "Add Plan" button. Click on the button to begin filling out your wine club details: 

Once the button has been clicked the page to fill out all your detail information will be seen here and should look like this: 

Position - if you have more than one club, choosing a position number will decide which club you would want to show first.     
Friendly Name - The name of your wine club
Limited Cycle - Offering the ability to purchase the subscription as a gift option (ex. 3 mo, 6mo, 12mo)
Tag line - Short description of what the club offer is (ex. 2 bottles, 3 bottles of wine)

After all the details have been filled out click the "Submit" button at the bottom and you are all set! 

Review Plans

Once your club is set up you can view your plan in the Subscription section of the dashboard. 

Adding Customers to your plan

To add customers to your Wine Club plan begin by clicking on the specific plan you would like to have them subscribed to: 

After clicking on the button you will come across a pop up to add in the customer: 

Once the information is put in the pop up, click submit and the customer will be added successfully. 

Active vs Not Active

If you would like know which subscribers are active you will see this orange toggle. 

If a subscriber is inactive you will view the toggle as grey. 

Subscribing Customers

Direct customers to your wine club page on your site so they may navigate through the various subscription offerings. Once they've explored the subscriptions they can choose which one they are interested in and select "Subscribe Now" once subscribed it'll appear in checkout. 

Subscription Info

If you would like to view the information of the subscriber for this club ( Info, details, their next charge, and subscription charges)
You can view this by clicking on the Subscriptions tab, clicking "View" on the right hand side. 

Monthly Notifications

Customers who are subscribed to any wine clubs will get notifications every month with new club subscriptions and products. 
All subscribers who are active/inactive, paid/unpaid are viewed in the subscriptions page

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