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Set Up Your Wine Club

Generate recurring revenue with unique subscription offerings

The wine club feature is available with the following subscription plans. Merchants not on one of these plans will be automatically upgraded upon creating a wine club.

  • Pro
  • Expert

Once you have enabled Subscription Plans in your dashboard (tutorial here), it's time to configure each Wine Club.

Setting up a Wine Club

  1. Click on the "Plans" tab, and in the upper right-hand corner, use the yellow button to create a new subscription
  2. Fill in the setup details on the new subscription page
    1. Position - If you have more than one club, choosing a position number will decide which club you would want to show first.
    2. Is Active - If you want it to be live and ready to sell on your website, check this box
    3. Cycle - This determines when the subscription renews: monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
    4. Limited Cycle Enabled - Check the box and leave the numbers alone if you want to enable the default version. This allows your customers to purchase the subscription as a gift, by setting a predetermined end date. For example, if the Cycle is set to Monthly, and you enable a 6 month limited cycle,  then a customer could gift their friend "six months' worth of wine" by choosing a six-cycle limit.
  3. Scroll down to fill in the subscription info
    1. Friendly Name is the title of your wine club, which your customers will see.
    2. Description is where you tell the customer what they're getting (i.e. four bottles of wine, every month).
    3. Cover Image could be an image of a generic subscription offering, or you can change the image every cycle, when you change the specific products in the subscription.
  4. Scroll down to fill in Billing and Pricing info
    1. Charge Invoices Automatically - Leave this checked. If un-checked, you will need to open the wine club in your dashboard each month, and click "charge" on each of your customers' invoices.
    2. (Don't) Use Subscription Day - Leave this box un-checked, so that all of your customers will be billed on the same day of the month.
    3. Set a Billing Day of Month on which all of your subscribers will be invoiced (typically the first of every month).
    4. Set the Display Amount and Subtotal Amount - these are typically identical and reflect the basic price of your wine club.
    5. Set the tax amount by calculating your sales tax rate multiplied by your subtotal amount.
  5. Add options, if desired. You could break your wine club into two options: red wines versus white wines, for example. Or you could have a standard and a premium version, where the premium version has an additional charge (pictured in the example below).
  6. Choose your available Fulfillment Types and add any additional fees if relevant
    1. Subtotal amount is the cost of delivery or shipping, and the tax should be calculated by multiplying your sales tax rate by the delivery or shipping subtotal amount.
    2. Take note that the shipping price will override any integration that you have with FedEx or UPS. In other words, you can only offer flat-rate shipping on wine clubs.
    3. Additional fees can be used if you charge a convenience fee in your regular checkout.
  7. Scroll to the top and click the "Submit" button to create the wine club plan
  8. Promote your new subscription service within the plan page. You can send a marketing email to your entire email list, or send specific updates to your existing subscribers. Learn more about sending marketing emails here.