Create a Pre-Order Item

Create a Pre-Order Item

Who is this feature for?
Merchants who would like to give customers the ability to pre-order items on their app and website that have not yet arrived at the store.

Example use cases:
  • New Arrivals
  • Limited Stock Items (High Noons)
  • Barrel Picks

Important Notes Before You Get Started
This feature does currently have limitations on how customers will be notified of when the product is ready for pickup or out for delivery. Please read step 3 carefully. 

In addition, this is technically creating a fake inventory item therefore when you do eventually add the real product into the POS you will want to hide the pre-order product via the dashboard by clicking on the crossed out eye and copy the information over to the new product.

How to Create the Pre-Order Product
  1. Go to the inventory page
  2. Click the yellow plus button at the top of the screen
  3. Fill in the name, description and add the tag of “preorder” in the custom category section
We recommend that you add “PRE-ORDER” in the title of the product and explain how the confirmation process will work. Due to current limitations, please be advised that customers will receive a confirmation message that their order is ready for pickup or out for delivery when you approve the order. Currently there is no way around this and you need to approve the order within 7 days of the transaction so that the credit card authorization does not expire. 
  1. Add the price, quantity you wish to pre-sell, and an image of the product.
  1. Save the new product

Once created, the product will immediately become available on your app and website for purchase and you will want to start advertising that the product is available. Recommended methods of marketing your pre-order items are as follows:

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