Here are the most common types of chargebacks:

  • Fraud: Credit card was used to make a purchase using a card they do not own and are not authorized to use.
  • Product Not Received: Product(s) that they've paid for were not delivered or picked up.
  • Product Unsatisfactory: Item(s) were damaged, defective, or not up to customers' expectations.
  • Duplicate: Charge appeared twice on customers' account.
  • Not Recognized: Unfamiliar charge on their account and are looking for more information. 


Chargebacks are between customers, merchants, and issuing banks. City Hive is not liable but we are happy to assist you in two aspects 1) in preventing fraud. 2) during the dispute process.

Please note: Any chargeback results in an instant $15 fee from our processor. That fee will be billed to your account. 

So What can I do?

  1. Pay attention to the warning signs and for suspicious consumer behavior. Learn more about how to protect against fraud here.
  2. Get fraud insurance. City Hive offers fraud insurance provided by a third-party insurer. Contact us to get more information and/ or a quote.