Chargebacks occur when a customer issues a chargeback with their bank. Any chargeback results in an immediate $15 fee that is billed to your account. 

Types of chargebacks

  • Fraud: Credit card was used to make a purchase using a card they do not own and are not authorized to use.
  • Product Not Received: Product(s) that they've paid for were not delivered or picked up.
  • Product Unsatisfactory: Item(s) were damaged, defective, or not up to customers' expectations.
  • Duplicate: Charge appeared twice on customers' account.
  • Not Recognized: Unfamiliar charge on their account and are looking for more information. 

Important Terms & Associated Fees

  • Chargeback: A claim made by a customer against a merchant’s charge. A chargeback results in an immediate $15 fee that is billed to your account. 

  • Dispute: Often used as a synonym for chargeback or pre-arbitration, but also used to describe a merchant disputing a chargeback claim made by a customer. There is no fee associated with disputing a chargeback claim, however a “won” dispute could be challenged a section time by the customer resulting in an additional fee. 

  • Pre-arbitration (“pre-arb”): When a disputed chargeback is won and challenged for a second time by the customer. 

  • Retrieval: A request by a customer for more information about a charge. There is no fee associated with a retrieval.

Liability & Additional Guidance

Chargebacks are between customers, merchants, and issuing banks. City Hive is not liable for chargebacks, but we can help you with 
  1. Protecting against credit card fraud , verifying credit cards, and blocking accounts
  2. Disputing chargebacks 
  3. Insuring your transactions - contact us for more information and/or a quote.