Once a customer files a dispute, you will get instantly notified about the chargeback via email. Once that happens you'll have 7 days to submit any evidence to retrieve your funds (excluding the chargeback fee). - Please note: Any chargeback results in an instant $15 fee from our processor. 

However, unless you know for sure the chargeback is a customer error, we strongly suggest against disputing the chargeback because lost disputes will result in an additional $15 fee from the processor.

You can dispute a chargeback by emailing any additional details you have about the customer. This would include:

  • Photo of their drivers license
  • Copy of their signature when dropping off the delivery
  • A video of the customer picking up the product
  • Any other evidence you may think of.  

The email should be sent to chargebacks@cityhive.net

City Hive is committed to ensuring that all of our partnering merchants are protected against fraud. We also offer a third party fraud insurance coverage that can be added to your e-commerce package to ensure you're not liable for future fraudulent transactions. -- Contact us to get more information or a quote.

Learn how to recognize future fraudulent transactions.