Adding Gift Baskets and Sets to Your Inventory

Selling baskets and sets is a great way to bundle products and provide your customer with a ready-to-go gift for any occasion. With City Hive, there are two different ways to create these items in inventory. 

Manually Creating an Inventory Item

If you have gift baskets or sets that are not attached to a UPC, this is the way to go. To start, head to your City Hive inventory page and click “+”.

From the new product page, you can add a name, description, and any relevant tags for your product. You can manually control the price and quantity, add an image, and input additional basket options under modifiers.

Let’s say you’re creating a Holiday Wine Basket. You can add the name, a description of what the customer will find in their basket, a tag for "gift basket" to make it easily searchable, and options for red, white, or mixed packages. Click save and boom! Your beautiful basket is ready for sale.

Using an Item with an Existing UPC

Already have a gift set or basket in your inventory? Oftentimes, these items will share a UPC with their individual bottle counterparts. To pull both, we’ll need you to share the following information with
  1. Item SKU and UPC
  2. Item Name
  3. How you mark the item as a gift in your inventory
From there, we can catch the items on the integration sync and create a unique product in your inventory for the gift set. Once created, you can adjust the pricing, quantity, image, and other relevant fields through the dashboard.

Showcasing Your Gift Baskets

You’ve built your baskets, what’s next? Below are a few ways you can promote them on your site.
  1. Create a Product Group and Page
  2. Create a Promo Banner
  3. Add to Your Top Menu (use the value /shop/?ch-query=gift+basket or whichever tag you choose to add to your product)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to or give us a ring at (917) 475-6618. Cheers!