Upload a Promo Banner

Upload a Promo Banner

Promo Banners allow you to display new inventory, push old inventory, apply a coupon and more. Start driving traction to specific products by creating a banner today. We suggest using sites such as Canva to create your banners.

➡️ Head To Your Marketing Dashboard

Click Create Banner

Add Details

  1. Is it enabled? - This acts as an "on and off" button 
  2. Set the priority - Only needed if there is more than one banner activated. The higher the number the higher the priority (0-999). (Ex: 10 is prioritized over 3)
  3. Describe this promotional banner - This is a description of the banner and does not show up on the app
  4. Add an app image - This is the image that will show up on the app/website.                                    
  5. Add a desktop image - Similar to the App, please follow the guidelines for the best looking picture
  6. Add Product Query - This is what triggers the promo banner to show up (if the screen contains a specific rum bottle, the banner shows)
    • Ex: Name Contains Absolut to only apply Absolut bottles to the Banner
  7. Add Action - This is what action occurs when the banner is clicked. 
    • Ex: Display Products containing the text 'Absolut'
If you are using the Open URL action, you must include https:// in front of your URL.
  1. Banners show up automatically in the product results page as well, between the product row cards.

Below a sample version of the banner on the site.

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