Click on the Edit icon to the left of the specific product you'd like to change. The following categories can be edited under the Product Information Section. You can also click the pencil next to the product to edit the name, image, or view and basic category. 
Please note, changes made to products may not reflect immediately. Email to get changes to a product image, name, or description approved within 48 hours or give us a call at (917) 475-6618 if it is an urgent request.

Updating a Product Name

  • Name: Enter a clear way that customers can identify the product, for example, eliminate any abbreviations, remove package sizes, and then click save.
    • Beer and Soda: Names for beer can not include pack size (i.e. 4 pack, 6 pack, single) but can include container size and type (i.e. 12 oz. can)
    • Wine: Names for wine can not include bottle size (i.e. 750 mL) or vintage
    • Liquor: Names for liquor can not include bottle size (i.e. 750 mL)
    • Other: Names in general can not include pricing information or availability info

Updating a Product Category

  • Categories: Sort the product to the appropriate section of your mobile app or website
    • Views: Here you can change which category this drink belongs to (spirits, beer, wine, etc.)
    • Basic Categories: This is where you’ll select which type of drink this is, for example, if you categorized a beverage as a spirit, you would then breakdown type by tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc.)

Updating a Product Image

⚠️ Image Requirements: To maintain high-quality images for your app and/or website the whole bottle must be pictured on a white or transparent background with a dimension with one side larger than 450 pixels. Images with trademarks will not be approved.


In the middle of the page you'll see the image section with two options to upload:

  1. Use an image from the internet by staying on the "Search for Product" tab and following the below steps:
    1. Click on  to launch a Google image search
    2. Select an image that meets the above requirements
    3. Right click on the image and select Copy image address
    4. Back in your merchant portal, right click on the Enter URL bar in the image section to paste 
  2. Use image saved on your computer by clicking on "From File" and either dragging and dropping the file into the box or Choose File and select an image from your computer

Once you've finished uploading an image, click Save.

Updating a Product Description

  1. When updating a product description, please refrain from putting store specific information. For example, do not include item limits or special sales. These can be added in the Store Notes section of the product and do not require approval from City Hive.
External ID's on City Hive: 
  1. Private barrel edits may get rejected when pushed through into modification offers. For these situations please reach out to us and we can send this over to our integration team, we can set up the item properly in the inventory. 
Please Note: Changes take effect only after review and approval by City Hive.