Click on the Go To  icon to the left of the specific product you'd like to change. The following categories can be edited under the Product Information Section:

Use this section to edit any information about the product itself! If you think that your customers should know more about this product, let them know here.

General Keywords
If a product can be classified as organic, fruity, and dry, you should enter that information in this section. In this section, you can edit custom keywords that you would like your customers to be able to search in order to find this product.

Here you can select which country this product is from using the drop-down menu.

State & Region
You can enter which state or region this product is from here.

We recommend not including information in this section and entering this information in your POS where it's automatically pulled.

Alcoholic Content (%)
Enter the amount of alcohol in the product here.

Add any grape varietals that are associated to the wine. (Available only on wines)