Take Your Connected Site Live - Suppliers

So you have a Connected E-commerce Website for your brand, it looks FABULOUS and you are ready to release to the world! Here's how you go live...

At this juncture, you should you be able to view a fully functional website in staging. To point it to a consumer facing URL, you need to do two things:

1) Procure the sub-domaine URL

Most suppliers choose something similiar to their primary website URL, like shopbrandname.com, or buybrandname.com, or findbrandname.com. Sometimes brands use a . between words like shop.brandname.com. It's really up to you. It's quite easy to purchase a domain on Go Daddy and the cost often nominal (typically $2.99/month or less). Learn more about purchasing a domain here. 

2) Invite City Hive to manage the domain

This step is necessary for City Hive to point your staging site to your new domaine. Adding City Hive as a manager for your domain is quick and simple. Once we receive the invitation, your site will typically go live within 24 hours! Here are instructions on how to invite City Hive to manage your domain.

3) Tell Support@cityhive.net that invite was sent

City Hive receives hundreds of invites a week, so a good tip to help the City Hive expedite your website going live is to alert the tech team that you sent an invite. In your email, cite the name of your company, the new URL and the email from which the invite was sent and they date of the invite. 

** An alternative option to inviting City Hive to manage your domain is to set the DNS settings yourself.  If you or a third party IT company is knowledgeable about how to manage your DNS records for your domain, use the information in this article to point your City Hive website to your domain.