Setting Your DNS Records

Setting Your DNS Records

If you or a third party IT company is knowledgeable about how to manage your DNS records for your domain, use the following information to point your City Hive website to your domain.

1. Set/update two @ records of type A and point one of them to and the other one to
2. Set/update the www record to be of type CNAME and its value should be

If you are not sure how to manage the records on your domain, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll be happy to walk you through additional options for your specific provider.
Our support number is (917) 475-6618 and our office hours are M-F 9AM-9PM EST and Sat-Sun 12PM-8PM EST.

Once completed, our team will need to update the mapping on our end so that the website will also load from your main domain. Please contact us by phone during our office hours so that we can make the switch as quickly as possible. 
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