Choosing Your Logo Layout

Choosing your logo style is the first step of building your brand for your store. Your logo will be used on promotional materials, the app, and the site. See below on how to get the logo process started!

Step 1) Choose your logo

Here is a folder of logos to choose from for your store:
  1. Password: CHlogosOptions516

Once you find a logo you like, take a screenshot and send it to us along with the file name and information below. 

Step 2) Choose your colors

If you already have the colors chosen for your logo, please send us the color (hex codes) or an image of the colors.

If not, can be a great tool for picking them. 

We’ll need the main color as well as any other colors you'd like to use. If there’s any specific spot you’d like a color to show up in a logo, let us know and we’ll do our best to get it there!

Step 3) Choose your name and tagline

Send us the name of your store exactly how you would like it to appear on your logo (case sensitive) as well as any tag lines you would like to include and their positioning.

store name “Liquor MART” and positioning (top/bottom/left/right) compared to the icon

tagline: “Where people buy their liquor!” and positioning (top/bottom/left/right) compared to the icon

*Note: some fonts, text, and sizing may be slightly altered from the logo you choose on the site depending on the length of name and font styles available.*

When you’re all set, send us an email to and we can take it from there!