Create Automatic Delivery Discounts for Subscription Plan Subscribers

Utilize an automatic discount to offer free delivery to customers who purchase your delivery subscription service.

Make sure you have already set up your delivery Subscription Plan. You can find our tutorial on enabling subscription plans here, and a detailed walkthrough on setting up a delivery subscription service here. When the subscription plan is ready, it should look something like this:

Create the Automatic Discount

  1. Begin on the Promotions section of your dashboard and select Automatic Discounts
  2. Click "New Underlying Rule" and fill in the initial information (details below)
  3. Enter the rule name - this will show up in your discount list. It will be visible to your customers, so make sure it is clear and concise.
  4. Write the rule description - this explains the discount that your customer will receive, and it will only be visible to your team.
  5. Set the discount amount to zero for this particular discount, because you'll create the discount for the delivery or shipping charge later.
  6. Leave the max discount amount blank, as well.

Choose discount parameters

Unlike regular quantity discounts (e.g. 10% off a case of wine), you will skip most of the configuration options, and set up the customer limitation and delivery discount toward the end.

  1. Click "Continue" eleven times, until you reach the Customer Specific plugin
  2. Check "Customer Specific" and then click "Limit by customer group"
  3. Change Field to "Subscribed to Plans" and type in your subscription plan name in for the Value, then click on the right plan when it appears. This will ensure that your delivery discount is applied only to customers who have subscribed to your delivery subscription service. When the page is complete, it should look like this:
  4. Click "Continue" twice more, until you reach the Discount Feature plugin
  5. Check "Discount Feature" then enter 100 in the Discount Amount field
  6. Check the two boxes for  "Percentage" and "For Delivery" (screenshot below). This will give the correct customers free delivery on their orders.
  7. Click Continue once more
  8. Click Create

Congratulations – your new delivery discount is now live!