Ways to Utilize Product Groups

Elevate your product group by using custom filters, badges, and icons for key features. Organize into collections and enrich content for each item to optimize the overall presentation, ensuring a compelling and user-friendly experience.

Custom product filters 

Using custom filters highlights specific product features in a group, making navigation easier, saving customers time, ensuring they find preferred products, and ultimately increasing overall customer satisfaction. 

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This feature visually guides by showcasing specific product groups and using attention-grabbing badges to highlight promotions or special offers. In essence,  badges enhance visibility, communicate value, and positively impact consumer decisions within the product group. 

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These visual symbols effectively convey and assist users in recognizing crucial features, attributes, or promotions associated with products, allowing a quick understanding of essential details at a glance for customers. 

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Collections greatly improve the organization and visual appeal of product groups. They make shopping easier, help in strategic marketing, and create chances for cross-selling. 

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Rich Content

Adding rich content improves each product page in a group, providing a diverse and valuable experience that's thorough and engaging for customers.

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