What to Know - Serverless Websites

What to Know - Serverless Websites

With City Hive, you can choose to have City Hive’s e-commerce solutions integrated with your existing website, or create a City Hive Serverless Site, which is built in its entirety on the City Hive platform.

What is a City Hive Serverless Site?

City Hive Serverless Sites are optimized for speed, security, and search engine optimization (SEO). They do not require external web design or hosting services and offer the convenience of managing your website and communications campaigns completely through your Merchant Dashboard.

What are the benefits?

Speed, security, and search engine optimization (SEO) are the three biggest benefits of City Hive Performance websites.

City Hive Performance sites are twice as fast as websites built on other platforms. As a result of ultra-quick load and response time, City Hive Performance websites are top-ranked on Google, pushing them towards the top of searches.

Adding to superior search performance, all City Hive Performance sites are optimized for SEO. The layout has been proven to enable customers to find what they are looking for faster, and in a more informed way. With City Hive’s Pages feature, you can further engage and educate visitors with custom content with SEO-conscious descriptions.

In addition to being more powerful, City Hive Performance sites are also more secure. Since City Hive sites are not maintained on other larger platforms, there is less likelihood of experiencing a data breach and the security of your website is much stronger.

How can I customize my City Hive Serverless Site?

Check out all of the different ways to customize your City Hive site here.

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