SEO Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

City Hive is an e-commerce platform as opposed to a website platform. We work to optimize SEO from the offset, so you have time to focus on making sales instead of improving SEO by hand.

How is a City Hive Serverless Site different?

As opposed to traditional website platforms like Wix or WordPress, City Hive’s Serverless platform puts you ahead by including the best practices and recommendations issued by Google in all of our sites, right out of the box.

Our serverless sites offer a fast, optimized, secure solution that still allows customization when needed to boost your sales.

What does City Hive do for SEO?

Sitemaps - City Hive generates 3 different sitemaps to boost indexing by all search engines and crawlers. Two of these maps are automatically submitted to Google, and the third map lives directly in the footer links.

Speed - City Hive Serverless Sites function at twice the speed of our competitors, offering customers a better shopping experience and improving the site’s ranking on Google Search.

Schema - On each City Hive page, the schema is updated to include business info (think address, type of store, and other basic info) as well as information pertaining to the page content. The schema for our product pages includes the product name, description, image, pricing, and who’s selling it.

Breadcrumbs - City Hive feeds google “breadcrumbs”, or pieces of information to show where a product comes from (i.e. the product itself, the category, the view, and then at the highest level the site). This helps the search engine figure out the type of product a store is selling and can contribute to a better results display when searching. (i.e displaying Wine > Sparkling > Lamarca Prosecco, better experience and eye-catching)

Information Credibility - Given our database of names, descriptions, and other product information, websites using this information for their products are deemed trustworthy and credible.

What can you do to improve SEO?

Add a site description - We offer our customers the option to add customized site descriptions. These descriptions will show up for the main site as well as product pages. Want to update yours?  Update the site title directly through your studio page!

Add a site title - Is your store name just not packing enough of a punch? City Hive offers the ability to expand this by adding a site title. Want to update yours?  Update the site description directly through your studio page!

Create an H1 tag - Your h1 tag should contain your most important keywords for your site. Insert an H1 tag using a custom element in the website's home page. To do this, visit the website page your studio section and click on Home Page at the top.

To insert the code, click on  and switch to code view. Use the following structure and replace the content with something that will make your store stand out online.
<h1>Best Wine in Town</h1>
Your website should have only one h1 tag. If you have more than one h1 tag on a page, change the other h1 tags to an h2 or h3. 

Create content through Pages- Your store is unique and the knowledge that you have can be easily shared with your customers online. Create custom pages to give more information about your store and your team, to highlight a product or brand, to post weekly sale flyers, and more.