Add/Remove Best Sellers, New Arrivals, On Sale, Countries, Pairings & Back In Stock

You can have more control of the products showing up in your best sellers, new arrivals, on sale, countries, and pairings sections by using tags. Tags can either force inventory into these groups or remove them if you prefer to skip them from showing up. Here's how:
1. Click on Show Tags on the top of the page to turn the icons on the right to a custom category field
2. Enter the tag into the custom category field specifically how they are listed in the quotes* below based on which section you'd like to modify
*Do not include the quotation marks when adding the tag to your dashboard.

Best sellers
Items automatically show up based on number of sales.
Add items with:  "bestsellers"
Hide items with:  "skipbestsellers"

Top Picks
Prioritize an item in its respective category. " Toppicks" is the highest and "fifthpicks" is the lowest. 
  1. toppicks
  2. secondpicks
  3. thirdpicks
  4. forthpicks
  5. fifthpicks
  6. sixthpicks
  7. seventhpicks
  8. eigthpicks
  9. ninthpicks
  10. tenthpicks

Back In Stock
Items automatically show up if they have become available in your POS after being out of stock for the last 15 days.
Add items with: "backinstock"
Hide items with: "skipbackinstock"
Please note: The Back in Stock section will only show if there are 5 or more items to show.

New arrivals
Items automatically show up based on if they were added in your POS within the last 14 days.
Add items with: "newarrivals"
Skip items with: "skipnewarrivals"

On sale
Based on sale price from the POS or discount price via the dashboard.
Add items with: "on sale" or "sale"
Skip items with: "skipsale'

Automated based on the product's country value.
Skip items with: "skipcountries"

Based on tags and keywords:
Tag: "cheese"
Tags: "poultry", "white meat", "chicken", "pork", & "turkey"
Tags: "seafood", "fish", "shellfish"
Tags: "steak", "beef", "lamb", "red meat", "meat"
Fruit & Veg
Tags: "veggie", "vegetable", "vegetables", "veg", "fruit"
Tag: "dessert"
Tag: "italian"
Tag: "asian"
Tag: "mexican"
Tag: "american"
Tag: "indian"
Tag: "bbq"
Skip all the pairings sections:
Tag: "skippairings"