Prevent Additional Credit Card Fees

It is common to have a customer grab a last minute item to add to their transaction in store, so naturally the same thing can happen online. Follow the tips below to ensure you avoid additional processing fees:

When is an additional fee incurred?

Orders are charged an additional 2.9% credit card fee when the original total has settled with the bank and the new transaction amount is larger than the previous total. The reason for this is that the bank needs to ensure the new funds are available so the transaction goes through a refund and reprocess. 
If the new amount is less than the current total (refunding items or adding less expensive items) then no reprocessing is done and the refund amount is issued to the customer. 

How to avoid an additional fee?

  1. Ensure edits are made before the transaction is approved. This ensures the transaction has not settled and the funds will be voided instead of refunded. 
  2. Create a new order for the additional/more expensive item. This will allow the original order to be process as normal while only charging the fee on the new product amount. Learn how to create orders here.