Fulfillment Types

Fulfillment Types

Offering multiple fulfillment options for customers not only increases your chance to reach new business, it also helps increases the frequency of orders from your current customer base. Follow the instructions below to set up the option for customers to order for pickup, delivery, or shipping.

➡️ Head to the Store Info Page under Settings

Click on the pencil at the top right of the 'Order Types' box and turn on the fulfillment types you'd like to offer by clicking on the white circle.

  • Pickup: Customers order online and pickup in-store or curbside.
  • Delivery: Customers order online and get it delivered (typically within an hour or two through you or a third party delivery service like Postmates or DoorDash).
  • Shipping: Customers order online and get it delivered through either FedEx or UPS. *Before turning on, you will need to setup your carrier through the settings page.

Click the check at the top right of the box to save your changes.

Curbside Pickup & 3rd Party Delivery Support:

To setup either curbside pickup or Postmates/DoorDash support, please email us at support@cityhive.net.

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