Create an In-Store Event

Create an In-Store Event

Driving traffic to your physical store is just as important as online, allowing you to connect with customers and build trust. Therefore, we highly recommend creating events alongside with your promotions to educate customers and increase loyalty. In order to create an In-Store Event please follow the prompts below: 

➡️ Head to the Events Section


Customize your event and fill in the details below:

Event Title: The title of the event

Time: The start and end date for the event

Event Image: The cover image that your customers will see

Event Description: The description your customers will see. 

Location: The location of the event


Event Tickets: If you plan on offering tickets for the event, check the box, input the price, quantity and tax information.

Note: Customers will be able to purchase tickets for your events straight through your app and website.

Contact Details: Your information incase of questions

Products: Search and add products to your event. Example: Add the bottles of wine that you will be tasting so that your customers can purchase them directly from your event on your app or website. 


Events will populate directly to your Tastings & Events tab on the website. If that tab does not currently exist on your site, you can follow this article to create a menu item and use the value /events.

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