DoorDash Order Integration Guide

The DoorDash order integration feature on City Hive allows you to efficiently manage DoorDash deliveries alongside your website and mobile app orders.

FAQ's & Prerequisites

Payment Processing: Payment for DoorDash orders is processed through DoorDash. This integration solely involves transferring order data into your system, and the pricing and fees associated with DoorDash orders are determined by DoorDash.

Working with DoorDash: Your store needs to be already working with DoorDash and have integrated the City Hive inventory sync add-on.

Pilot Program: Please be aware that the DoorDash Order Integration feature may not be available to everyone yet. This integration is currently in a pilot phase, and its availability might be limited. You should contact your City Hive representative to confirm your eligibility and access to this feature.


Order Management: You can access and manage DoorDash orders directly through your City Hive dashboard. This includes the ability to view, edit, and confirm orders alongside your website orders without needing to navigate to the DoorDash portal or use additional devices like an iPad.

Customer Information: DoorDash shares minimal customer details with your establishment. You will have access to the customer's first name, the first character of their last name, a temporary phone number that can only be used by your store's phone number to contact the customer (please note that this is not the actual phone number of the customer), and the delivery address. This information allows you to fulfill orders efficiently while respecting customer privacy.

To start using the DoorDash Order Integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your City Hive dashboard and navigate to orders on the left menu bar to view any pending orders

    1. DoorDash orders can be easily recognized by their logo on the order.

      Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 11.05.27 AM
    2. If necessary, make edits by clicking 'Full Info/Edit'. You can replace, remove or change the quantity of items. 
      Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 11.05.27 AM-1

  2. After reviewing and editing, accept the order using the accept/decline slider

  3. If delivery, select the fulfillment method of how you'd like to send the order to the customer
  4. Once the order is delivered, slide the status toggle to 'Deliver'  to finalize the order and remove it from your pending screen

Contacting Customers: You can use the temporary phone number provided by DoorDash to contact the customer if needed. Please note that this phone number is not the actual customer's phone number and is exclusively for communication regarding the order.