DoorDash Integration

City Hive retailers can list their full inventory on DoorDash Marketplace through our integration! Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to activate your DoorDash feed through the dashboard by following this detailed step-by-step guide

You can quickly create your DoorDash integration using the City Hive portal by taking the following steps:

  1. Activate the DoorDash Add-On
  2. Create your DoorDash Feed
  3. Send DoorDash your Integration ID

How to Activate the DoorDash Add-On

  1. Begin by clicking on the Add-Ons & Plugins section
    Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 2.51.01 PM
  2. Scroll down to the Feeds area and click on the logo 
    Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 10.37.36 AM
  3. Review the feed's summary, then click on "Activate" 

    Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 10.41.16 AM
  4. Enter the add-on activation code provided by DoorDash in the pop up
    Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 9.32.50 AM
  5. Click "Submit" once the code is entered to activate your feed

If you have multiple locations, please make sure to activate the add-on at each individual location. 

How to Create Your DoorDash Feed

  1. Scroll up to the top of the Add-Ons & Plugins section and click on Data Feeds
  2. Click the + in the top right corner to create the feed. In the dropdown click on DoorDash, then click "Create".      Untitled 281

You can also add any general price markups in the Price Adjustment field of the General Feed Filter, and markups for specific products or categories can be added by clicking "+ Add Feed Rule" and entering the applicable parameters.   

How to Send Your Integration ID

In the case you are asked for your Integration ID by DoorDash, you can find this ID number at the top of your URL. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 9.51.38 AM

This add-on is only available to retailers that have opened an account at DoorDash.

You will be required to provide your DoorDash activation code to activate the Add On.