Credit card transactions have several steps before entering the final stage of being disbursed to your account. Learn about each stage below and when you can expect the funds to appear in your bank.

Determine which stage of the order life cycle your order is in on the full info page of an order:

Stage 1: Authorized

The customer's credit card is authorized for payment as soon as the order is placed. No funds are officially withdrawn from their bank and if the order is declined the funds will be immediately voided. 
The authorization will expire between 7-30 days if the order is not submitted for settlement.

Stage 2: Submitted for settlement

Funds from the customer's bank are submitted to be included in the next settlement  when the order is approved. During this stage, you can still refund the order to void the transaction and prevent any fees from being incurred. 
You should only edit orders before pressing accept. Once the transaction is settled, editing will result in two lines on your and the customer's final bank statement. 

Stage 3: Settled

The funds have completed transfer and will be included in the next disbursement to your account.

Stage 4: Disbursed

Disbursements are sent to your bank once a business day at 6PM EST. If an order is accepted before that time then the order will be disbursed the next business day. If an order is accepted after 6PM EST, then it will be sent to your bank in 2 business days. Learn how to reconcile disbursements to your bank here.