What Does It Mean to Be "Connected"?

“Connected” is a City Hive initiative to bring together all members of the three-tiered system. By getting Connected, we build a stronger ecosystem for retailers, suppliers, and distributors alike.

What does it mean to be a Connected supplier?

Connected suppliers sell their products through a City Hive website utilizing our expansive retailer network. When an order is placed on a Connected website, the customer is connected to the most convenient retailer in our network that carries the product.

Why should you be a Connected supplier?
  1. Build an Online Marketplace - Connected sites allow suppliers to tailor online marketplaces around their specific product line
  2. Direct Consumer Impacts from Marketing Spend - Connected suppliers can see their marketing spend translate directly into the acquisition of the product they sell
  3. Expansive Retail Network - Connected suppliers are linked to a retail network of over 1000 stores
How can I get Connected?
Contact support@cityhive.net for more information.

What does it mean to be a Connected retailer?

Connected retailers are City Hive merchants that carry one or more products from our Connected suppliers. These merchants will receive Connected orders directly to their merchant dashboard.

Why should you be a Connected retailer?
  1. Additional Channels for Orders - Connected retailers can receive orders coming from a new channel outside of their brick and mortar or e-commerce shops
  2. Free Advertising - Connected retailers benefit from suppliers and distributors marketing spend in favor of the retail network
  3. More Customer Engagement Opportunities - Connected retailers own the customer from the supplier site, which opens the door for future engagement
  4. It’s Free! - Retailers carrying one or more of our supplier’s products will automatically be connected to the supplier’s Connected site. There are no additional steps to sign up, you’ll just need to be ready to fulfill the incoming orders!

What does it mean to receive a Connected order?

A connected order is one that is received by a retailer that came through a supplier’s Connected site.

Why should you accept Connected orders?
  1. More Orders, No Additional Hassle - There is no special training for connected orders. They will be accepted and processed in the same way as a normal City Hive order.